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Fun Adult Boardgames Just for Couples

Looking for romantic, hot and fun games? Adult boardgames are here to save your day!

Board games are not only for kids. These can be an excellent way for you and your partner to enjoy each other’s company without having to spend lots of money and go out to a fancy restaurant.

So, add a fun ingredient to your relationship with these best boardgames for adults. Enjoy!

Sexopoly – an Adult Board Game for Couple

This type of adult board game for couples is sort of an adult version of Monopoly. It requires the couple to manage and depend on luck simultaneously. Similar to Monopoly, this board game takes your business wisdom into a challenge, of course with the additional twist of sexy, romantic challenges.

I’ve Never Board Game Adult Version

The I’ve Never Board Game Adult Version is a classic game perfect to be played with your other half. An intimate night is secured while playing the game. Remember to have some fun and keep an open mind.

Speak Love, Make Love

As you move around the game board, you will either receive or get as initiated. This board game accompanies a two-sided board. What makes it more interesting is that it will help you open up to your partner and share not just sex, but intimacy as well.


Bananagrams has a game feature similar to that of scrabble. Apart from being a competitive board game, bananagrams helps in widening your vocabulary, too. Here, you and your partner race together to construct crossword grids. Up to eight players can be accommodated by this game, but you and your loved one can still achieve the fun and intimacy you’ve been craving for.

Advanced SEX Techniques

Similar to Twister game, Advanced SEX Techniques is an exciting game for sexual intercourse and foreplay with your buddy. Why not try to spin its dial and know what you will be performing together in 3 categories namely sexual position, sensual foreplay and erotic foreplay.

Dirty Minds

It is a game which can be utilized by you and your partner or for two couples.  Dirty Minds will surely get everybody thinking more sexy things than the real happenings.  You shouldn’t let play people who blush in a snap.

Lust! An Adult Couples Game

Having over 300,000 for several varieties, Lust! will definitely exhilarate even the longest ever relationships. In every roll of its die, the two grown-ups only players relocate along with its game board. Once you pull cards which portray explicit sexual tricks to be tested and shared with the partners.  The very first individual to obtain the finish line should then activate the sequence recommended right on the Love Making card. This board game consists of 20 romance cards, game board (obviously), 20 body language cards, 20 sensuality cards, 40 lovemaking cards, 1 die, 2 game markers as well as game instructions.

With these adult board games for couples, expect to spend the day or night sharing stories, laughing and focusing on maintaining and strengthening your relationship with your partner.

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