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Factors That Can Hurt Your Sex Life

Sex involves different emotions from love, excitement and compassion, to disappointment, anxiety and frustrations. On one hand, your sexual health goes hand in hand with your overall physical, emotional and mental condition. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, appreciating what you have and constant communication with your partner can help you keep a satisfying sex life.

While some people like the passion and excitement of sex after a relationship conflict, it won’t work for the most cases. Over time, consistent habits of fighting take its toll on every couple, resulting sex to become less enjoyable. But this bad habit is just one aspect out of many other possibilities that destroys one’s sex life.

Below are the main factors. Read on and learn these main sex-drive killers;

Trust And Communication Issues

These two can act as a primary hindrance to experiencing a satisfying sex. Women, in particular, are more focused and sensitive when it comes to their emotional sides during sexual intimacy. Consequently, it’s imperative to discuss and solve the issues regardless of how small or big they are to steer your sex life on the right track.

Being Alcoholic

Too much consumption of alcohol may result impotency and infertility for both men and women. While the facts constantly say that taking wines or beers can enhance your mood and your health, when done excessively can also freeze your sex drive. Practice moderation to get rid of the permanent damage your sex nerves may acquire from long term overuse of alcohol.

Too Much Exposure To Pornography

Studies revealed that having a direct or regular contact to pornography can negatively affect one’s overall sexual satisfaction. This is because people who are too exposed to porn movies or porn graphics usually compare their partners to porn models and become less satisfied with their partner’s sexual performance and physical appearance. Thus, the relationship can suffer and often lead to one partner feeling insufficient.

Lack Of Sleep

Less sleep is another crucial factor why your sex desire weakens. If you only sleep three to four hours a day or just catching up on your sleep on weekends, then your libido will decrease significantly. Sleeplessness and decreased sexual urge are highly connected to each together. Studies have shown that lacking of sleep can cause stress which is a major cause why testosterone levels dropped terribly. Stress also impacts the ability of a person to orgasm, and soon targets mental and sexual health.


This specially applies to women who reach their menopausal stage. This physical change can affect their sexual drive and physical intimacy on which the hormone levels are drastically reduced, resulting uneasiness, vaginal pain and dryness during sex, therefore making it hard for them to reach an orgasm.

Everyone deserves a healthy, satisfying sex life. To really get your sexuality back on track, carefully assess the above mentioned factors within your own life, and deal with each one for a long-term solution. In a nutshell, applying the basic lifestyle changes, learning the effective sexual techniques and knowing the things that affect your libido are all important to enhance your sexual pleasure.

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