Top amateur sex gif categories

Amateur porn pics are a dime a dozen on the internet now. That is all thanks to so many people who have access to Smartphones, mobile devices and computers. Using the cameras on mobile devices, millions of users take it upon themselves to take sex pics. At the same time, individuals record themselves or others engaging in sexual acts. Then, they turn around and upload these sex GIFS or porn pictures to adult websites. Because of this, there has been a tremendous increase in the popularity of amateur porn and the amount of content available.

The increase is visible not only in the many different types of amateur porn pics, sex GIFS and videos, but also the categories. These days there are hundreds of different kind of amateur categories. Aside from the most popular or recognized ones, you also have new ones which pop up from time to time. Those categories arise as users begin to create their own fetish, hashtags or names for a certain amateur porn pic or sex act. While there are countless of different types of amateur genres, some are more popular than others. When it comes to top amateur sex GIFS categories, below are some of the ones you should be checking out.

Lesbian – Porn pics lovers have a thing for lesbian sex GIFS and other content. Anything with lesbians in them, is always one of the most watched. People love to see girls sucking and fucking each other. Some of the lesbian sex GIFS demonstrate a hot girl licking the pussy of another woman. Or there are some where they get banged with a dildo. No matter what the lesbian porn gifs are about, users love them. The lesbian GIFS are one of the top most popular categories in many adult websites.

Mature or MILFs – For some reason, people fantasize about fucking a hot and sexy mature woman or MILF. The MILFs sex GIFS are some of the most watched, shared and commented on by porn lovers. The same for any mature women sex pics and videos. In many of these MILFs sex gifs images, the mature women either fuck or get fucked by younger guys.

Blowjob – Men love getting their dicks sucked and many want to see them getting one. The blowjob sex GIFS are presently very popular on adult sites. Viewing a gorgeous girl suck and swallow a big dick is always a major turn on. That may explain why so many are checking out blowjob animated sex GIFS.

Anal – There’s something about a woman getting banged in her tight little ass that makes you excited. The anal porn pics and sex GIF images are a fan favorite. Seeing a hot girl take a big penis up her asshole makes anyone get an instant boner. If you’re a woman, then it gets your pussy juices flowing.

Cumshot – ┬áNothing beats ejaculation when it comes to having sex. After all, that is the most important thing when you are fucking. Cum GIF images are the climax of whatever sexual encounter is going on. It may explain why so many people enjoy viewing cumshot sex GIFS. What can be better than watching a pretty girl’s face get full of cum? The only thing that beats that is coming yourself as you masturbate to the cumshot sex GIF.

Hentai – Animated porn is another surprising category in the top of the list. But, for some reason, many enjoy hentai sex GIFS and videos. Part of their popularity has to do with how sensuous, sultry and hot the characters on hentai sex GIFS are. A lot of them have big juicy tits, great asses and pretty faces. They also have tight pussies and asses that get fucked hard.

Ass – Juicy, round and firm asses are something most people cannot go without viewing. The ass GIFS images popularity prove this. Sexy ass gifs are very popular since they have some of women with huge asses. Other ass GIFS show girls with perfect and round butts. Combine a nice ass GIF of a girl as she gets anal and you have two of the most popular categories in porn together.

Blonde – They say gentlemen prefer blonds. But, according to how so many search and view blond sex GIFS, so do the rest of the world. The blond category animated sex GIFS are full of hot and sexy women. Some of them are of the girls getting pummeled by another man. Or as they get fucked by a hot lesbian chick. You can also see some mature hot blond milf sex gif.

Big Tits – Just like a great ass, most people love juicy and big tits on a girl. Animated sex GIFS of women with big tits are a major turn on. Watching a beautiful woman with huge tits getting tittie fucked is awesome. The same for seeing their giant big tits bounce as they get banged in doggy style positions.

Interracial – Both ebony and black categories made it to the top of the most popular genres. It helps to explain why the interracial sex GIFS are some of the most viewed and shared. Whether you see a white girl get fucked by a black guy or the other way around, they are satisfying. People want to view porn pics and sex GIFS of men and women of different ethnicities. When is all said and done, the end result is the same as far as sex is concerned.